1.  SCOPE:   The work included under this section consists of all (exterior / interior) slate and related items necessary to complete the work indicated on drawings and described in the specifications.

2.  MATERIAL:   "Pyramid Brand" Unfading Pennsylvania Black Slate (ranging in color   value from a blue gray to a gray black.)

3.   SUBSTITUTIONS:   The materials specified herein and indicated on the drawings shall be  provided as specified.  Substitutions will not be permitted without architectural permission.

4.   QUALITY & FINISH:   All slate shall be sound, durable, and free of spalls, cracks, open seams, pits, or any other defects that are likely to impair its structural integrity in its intended use.  The architect shall select the finish that will best suit the design requirements from among the finishes available.  The slate shall be Ribbon or Clear stock, depending on the    application.

5.   SAMPLES:   Submit (  ) samples to architect for approval prior to fabrication.  Samples shall be 4" x 8" x 1", unless specified otherwise.  They shall represent the type of slate, finish and any other characteristics as required.  They shall be labeled as to type of slate, finish, job name, and slate contractor.

6.  SHOP DRAWINGS:   Submit (  ) copies of shop drawings to architect for approval prior to proceeding with fabrication.  The drawings shall show layout, method of anchoring, and all information necessary or helpful to obtain job site dimensions to insure proper fabrication and       installation.  Each piece shall be numbered as to location to facilitate placement and checking. Except, as noted, dimensions and layout shall be in accordance with architectural drawings.   Considerations that necessitate deviation shall be noted and architect's approval obtained prior to fabrication.

7.  PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:   The slate shall conform to the physical requirements as listed in Table 1 of ASTM Standard specification for Slate Dimensional Stone C-629.       (Current Edition)

8.   FABRICATION & INSTALLATION:   Slate shall have setting numbers on the back, as required, to correspond with the numbering on the shop drawings.  Cutting, finish, surface tolerances, jointing, setting, pointing, protection, cleaning, dimensions, anchoring, mortar joints, and grouting shall all be within tolerance standards for the trade and in accordance with reference standards, except as modified by drawings or these specifications.

9.   JOINTS:   Joints shall be held to dimensions shown on drawings, unless dimension changes on the job require minor deviations.  Recommended flooring joints are a minimum of 3/8" width.  Joints for dimensional stones can be less than 3/8", depending on finish and fabrication recommendations.

10. ANCHORING:   Anchoring as required and shown on drawings.

11. MORTAR:   1.  Mortar shall be     (                       ).

                         2.  Setting bed shall be   (                       ).

                         3.  Pointing shall be        (                       ).

12. CLEANING:   Exposed surfaces of the slate should be sponged down during installation to prevent mortar stains from forming.  Wash water should be kept clean by frequent changing.   All mortar stains should be cleaned from the slate within 24 hours of its installation.  After slate has been set for at least 14 days, it should be scrubbed with an approved detergent or    cleaning agent, followed by a thorough rinsing with clean water.

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