Installation Diagram - Anchors, Dowels, Etc.


Exterior Slate panels and facia may be installed by many methods. In the past, it was common to design according to historic information and recommendations by producers and stone setters. Due to the design of more complex structures, the use of thin cladding and attention to more stringent building codes and standards, it is now generally desirable to request an engineering study to determine the proper anchorage and safety factors. The following general information is for basic design and not to be used without proper engineering guidance.

Anchors & Fasteners - generally refer to mechanical installation techniques for slate panels on vertical installations. Stainless steel is recommended for exterior installations. A minimum of four (4) anchors per stone up to twelve (12) square feet in area is recommended, with two (2) additional anchors for every additional eight (8) square feet in area. Weight, wind load, shear factors, etc. should be considered to determine the size and number of mechanical anchors.

Relieving Angles - Relieving angles are recommended at each "story" height and over any window or door opening. Weep holes should be considered at vertical joints to allow any water infiltration to drain. When using continuous relieving angles, it may be advantageous to drill the angle for weep purposes. Relieving angles support the weight of the stone by supporting either the bottom of the panel or a stone liner attached to the back of the panel.


Dowels - Dowels are usually used at vertical / horizontal joints between panels to align the panels and maintain the proper distance between the panel and backup structure. Dowels should not be used to support weight.

S.S Cramp Rod
S.S Dowel Rod & S.S Rod
S.S Strap Anchor with Dowel Rod
S.S Dowel Rod & S.S Rod

Tie-backs - Tie-backs are usually threaded rods or eye-type bolts which attach to the steel structure with washers and nuts. The un-threaded ends are sometimes "turned" into a dowel hole or an "eye" to engage a dowel pin.

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